Benefits of having Epoxy Flooring

September 8, 2022

What Type Of Flooring To Have In Brisbane

Looking for a brand new floor that is smooth, durable, slip-resistant and most importantly, looks great? 

Epoxy floors might be the best choice for you, as they are the strongest and most durable flooring on the market. 

Epoxy floors (also known as seamless floors) can be applied to any concrete slab, transforming your dull floor into an eye-catching surface. 

We offer residential and commercial flooring installation with 100% long-lasting Australian products. 

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring entails applying a highly durable, decorative, and long-lasting coating to a concrete surface to strengthen and visually enhance it. 

Epoxy coating can be used both indoors and outdoors. However, it is most commonly used indoors, especially in garages, residential areas, patios, and commercial or retail spaces.

Where to apply?

The application possibilities are endless and it is becoming widely used in landscaping options!

Some examples of areas where epoxy flooring can be used are:

  •  Garages
  •  Inside your home
  •  Pool Surrounds
  •  Driveways
  •  Terraces
  •  Workshops
  •  Parking garages
  •  Showrooms
  •  Restaurants, cafes and bars
  •  Retail stores

Why do people in Brisbane choose epoxy floors over concrete floors?


Epoxy floors are the first choice for many Brisbane home and business owners because of their unmatched durability. If your current workplace flooring is concrete, an epoxy floor coating can help protect your floor while providing it with a durable and glossy finish that greatly improves its appearance.

Seamless floors are also a preferred option, as this surface has no joints or cracks, preventing dust and grime from accumulating on the floor.

Tolerant to environmental changes

Epoxy resin is a combination of resin and hardener mixed together to form a rigid plastic material applied to your surface. This material is durable and very resistant. Once you have done epoxy floor coating, your floor can withstand even Brisbane's most demanding climatic conditions and they are ideal for areas susceptible to flooding.
There is little to none flood remediation work required when floors like this are flooded.
The floors are also waterproofed and ideal for commercial and residential installation and unlike carpeting or wooden flooring options - there is no need for any mould treatments


Can epoxy floors be applied to concrete surfaces variant in shapes and sizes?


Absolutely yes. An epoxy floor coating applies to all concrete surfaces in residential, commercial and industrial areas, regardless of shape or size. 

Epoxy is an excellent replacement for tile and vinyl. It offers the strong, slip-resistant properties of tile combined with the smooth, glossy finish you're used to with vinyl.

8 Benefits of having Epoxy Floors

Easy to maintain

No surface is easier to clean than epoxy. An epoxy surface is resistant to oil and many other substances that generally destroy painted surfaces. Because the surface is so smooth, you only need warm water and detergent to keep it clean. Water spills and stains can be wiped up in no time, and the lack of cracks and gaps means that little or no dust and dirt will accumulate.

Durable and resistant 

Epoxy floors are extremely durable and can withstand heavy impact, as the special coating gives the floor more strength than concrete. Therefore, epoxy floors are ideal for workshops where heavy machinery is used and for commercial spaces that receive heavy foot traffic.


Resist dents and scratches thanks to the epoxy flooring. Achieve a smooth, glass-like finish for your floor with reflective sparkle.

Sealed and smooth hygienic surface 

Due to its smooth and slick surface, epoxy flooring does not harbour mould or bacteria, thus making it one of the most demanding hygienic flooring options on the market. This makes epoxy floors ideal for rooms where high hygiene standards apply.

Slip resistant Epoxy floors

If you want to prevent slipping in your home, you can add a slip-resistant additive to the top layers of your epoxy flooring to prevent the risk of slipping. 

Industrial grade 

Epoxy floors are chemical and stain resistant.

Variant colours

There are different colours to match any room according to your choice.

Cost effective 

It can be laid over most existing floor coverings with little preparation and dries quickly—Ready for occupancy after 24 hours.

How does the epoxy floor coating process work?

The epoxy floor coating process can be broken down into the following steps:

1. acquaint yourself with the kit's contents and plan the project.

2. remove all objects from the surface to be coated

3. assemble the necessary tools and materials

4. clean the floor

5. prepare the floor surface

6. apply the primer

7. apply decorative chips or flakes

8. apply the top coat or final coat.

ducted heatingHow can epoxy floors increase the value of your Brisbane home?

If you want to sell your home and are thinking of ways to increase the value of your home, and you want to make sure that you get a decent return on your investment, then you should consider epoxy floors. After all, choosing an effective option at an affordable price is an important factor in increasing the value of your property. 

It makes no sense to spend too much on increasing the value of your home if you're not sure you'll get it all back.

Professionally installed epoxy floors are a great example of a cost-effective home improvement. Whether it's your garage or your kitchen floor, epoxy is a practical choice. It beautifies your home without emptying your bank balance.

How often do you need to renew epoxy floors?

Although epoxy floors are exceptionally durable, unfortunately, they are not invincible. This means that at some point, many years after installation, you will need to do some renewal work.

Typically, epoxy floors will last 2 to 3 years with heavy use. 

Commercial properties such as garages, restaurants, or factory floors that receive heavy daily traffic can face this experience. 

However, with the right care and maintenance, your epoxy floor can last much longer.

How much does epoxy flooring in Brisbane cost?

Epoxy floors are affordable compared to other flooring solutions.

There are a few factors that determine the cost of epoxy floors:

  • the type of epoxy floor coating you choose
  • the size of the area
  • the condition of the concrete slab to be epoxy coated (a high-quality concrete slab is a prerequisite for a professional epoxy coating of the highest standard).

Why choose us for epoxy floors in Brisbane?

We are professional in applying epoxy floors to any concrete surface and have 25 years of expertise in the industry.

We're a local Brisbane based company that consistently provides superior installation results that outshine the competition when it comes to quality. Being in this field for years, we know the current trends and the best products available for your needs.



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