Ducted Air Conditioning System Craigieburn

July 23, 2022

Ducted System Air Conditioning

Removing heat from your home in Australia is typically done with air conditioning. This will also control air humidity in an enclosed space to provide a more comfortable interior temperature and environment during summer.


Air conditioning comes under the HVAC banner. 

Does your home feel like an oven in summer and a freezer in Winter? Is it a challenge to go from room to room without needing to turn heaters and air conditioners on and off? 

If you're looking for a cooling/heating solution for the entire house, ducted air conditioning might be the way to cool your entire home instead of just certain areas with a split system.

Our professional and licenced HVAC technicians can supply and fit all major brands of air conditioning in Craigieburn and Melbourne.

If it is time to upgrade your air conditioning system or you are entirely new to heating and cooling, we are the team that can help!

There are several types of ducted air conditioners, and your selection will depend upon your specific property and lifestyle needs.

Our expert advice will help to ensure that you make the best choice for your home and family.

Installing Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning And Heating

Ducted refrigerated air conditioning (also known as reverse air) is ideal for many Melbourne family homes that require cooling in our hot summers and heating in our cold winters. 

They are easy to set and control year-round temperatures and can be centrally zoned to reduce running costs further. 

The air is recycled around the home with the fan, ducting, and fittings placed on the roof. Generally, these ducted systems benefit from a service every eighteen months, which increases lifespan and the all-important energy efficiency.

If you install gas ducted heating and want a cooling system, add-on cooling with gas ducted heating is available. This will deliver cold chilled air conditioning through the same vents as your ducted heating.

This saves space and money since your roof will only need one set of ducts to provide heating and cooling throughout your house. 

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The Heating and Cooling Craigieburn Experts

If you're considering installing new home air conditioning on your property or needing a reliable and cost-effective maintenance or repair service, there's only one company to call – extraordinary. We've over 20 years of experience dealing with all types of air conditioning under our belts. We are experts in split system air conditioners, add-on air conditioners, evaporative cooling, ducted heating systems, and panel heating. 

Beyond Heating and Cooling Craigieburn is an installation company in the heating and cooling industry with cost-effective solutions for residential and commercial customers. 

Beyond Heating and Cooling Craigieburn provides qualified professionals to install heating and cooling systems at your home or workplace. 

Our team are highly trained experts in plumbing and gas services and hold the required licences and experience. 

Beyond Heating and Cooling Craigieburn takes pride in providing services across Craigieburn and Melbourne.

Ducted Heating with Add-On Cooling

Ducted heating and cooling! What you need to know!

The ducted heating and cooling system are designed to provide a home with heating and cooling. 

This system has two parts: the air handling unit and the distribution system. The air handling unit is the part of the ducted heating system that provides fresh air to the house. The distribution system distributes this heated or cooled air throughout the house.

Installing central ducted air conditioning in a new home or a home being renovated is the surest way to beat the solid Australian heat. 

Circulating refrigerated air-conditioned air to every room of your house, a ducted air conditioning unit will keep you nice and cool in summer and the perfect toast warm temperature in Winter. 

As leaders in air conditioning and home cooling solutions, we can help you by finding free in-home quotes and financing options so that you can afford that new Daikin or LG system sooner. 

With some of Australia's driest and warmest weather, we understand the importance of having affordable and efficient air conditioning at your Melbourne home. 

As a result, we specialise in reverse cycle ducted air conditioning and split system installations. We also encourage you to check out inverter air conditioning systems, which run at a lower cost and offer heating and cooling options.

Add-on cooling is a refrigerated unit that connects to your existing heater for cold air output. Like a ducted reverse cycle air conditioner, add-on cooling uses the same ducts and vents as the heater and produces refrigerated cold air. When using heating only, the add-on cooling unit is bypassed.

Save on electricity costs! If a house has more than three air-conditioned rooms, then ducted ac will provide better energy efficiency than the maintenance costs for several different ac units. Generally, ducted ac, for instance, from Daikin, comes with an inverter-based system that continually adjusts its cooling and heating output according to the room's temperature. 

ducted heating

Choosing A Ducted Heating And Cooling System

Choosing an air conditioning system to provide year-round comfort is a personal decision and a matter of taste. However, experience tells us that you can easily select the proper cooling or heating product to satisfy your needs by offering the correct information.

Heating and cooling is a family-owned and operated business and is recognised as a dependable industry name among customers looking for comprehensive and cost-effective heating or cooling system service. We provide same-day services on all work and offer solutions for heating and cooling emergencies and urgent call-outs from our customers.

With ducted air conditioners, perfectly temperature-controlled air will flow through vents on the ceiling or grille vents in the walls. You will have a home that is kept nice and cool in summer and nice and warm in Winter.

Being able to program a thermostat will mean that you will save money as well. Again, this is because you are not reactively changing the temperature. A thermostat will allow for gradual changes and keep your home workplace at the right temperature - Day and night.


Get in touch with the team at Beyond Heating And Cooling - Craigieburn for the latest in what heating and cooling options will be suitable for your home.



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