Things to Check Before a Hot Water Heater Installation in Bondi Junction

July 25, 2022

Rheem hot water heaterWe cannot shun away that the water heater industry has seen many shakeups in the past few years, thanks partly to improved technology, higher water efficiency, and the demand for energy-efficient appliances. This means that whenever you want to install a water heater, you shouldn't just wake up, hit the market, buy a heater, call a plumber, and do the building. There are a host of things that you need to consider if at all you want your appliance to give you a perfect blend of quality and durability. Some of these things include;

Storage Capacity

One of the primary things that cause a lack of enough hot water in a home is installing a low-capacity hot water system. If there are more than two people in your home, it is critical to research and finds the size that will fulfil the needs of everyone. The most expensive mistake you can make is to buy a water heater today and be forced to hit the market two or three days later to replace it because the water it produces is not enough for everyone.

A hot water heater with a capacity of 25 to 30 litres is enough for a household with four people. However, if you are unsure about the capacity you need for everyone in your home or a rental unit, seek professional advice from a hot water plumber.

For expert water heater plumbers to install your new water heater in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, call Hills Emergency Plumber.

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Their plumbers are available for each application and offer numerous model heating units to suit your needs. You can pick from different fuel sources for your hot water heater, including solar, electrical and natural gas. They also offer all well-known brands of hot water heaters. They can help you service your current heater, or if your heater needs replacement, help you pick the right hot water heater that will provide optimal functionality at a budget-friendly price.

Interiors and Aesthetics

Today, people are competing to have beautiful and cosy homes. Therefore, regardless of how good a water heater is, never acquire it if it doesn't complement the beauty of your interior space. Never compromise aesthetics for quality or functionality. A suitable appliance should take care of everything. Luckily, most brands in Australia provide a wide range of designer options which provide a blend of durability, functionality, and utmost beauty. Therefore, you will find something that fulfils your needs regardless of what you are looking for.


Before doing a hot water heater installation, the water heater's functionality is something you should not take for granted. You don't want to install this appliance simply because it adds a new breath of life to your indoor space, but it should also do what it is meant to do – provide enough hot water for everyone in your household.

Functionality is doubtlessly one of the most critical features of good water heaters. Therefore, ensure that the one you choose to install is easy to use and provides instant heating. Also, you may consider heaters with LED lighting, with a change in colour indicating when the water is hot and ready for use.

Energy Efficiency

You want your next water heater installation to be a blessing. You don't want it to add more to your utility bills. Instead, you want it to help you save a significant amount of money on the bills. Therefore, ensure you check the energy rating of a water heater before installation.

You need to know that the most energy-efficient water heaters are the new models of tankless water heaters. Most homeowners fear buying these appliances because they come with a hefty price tag. However, you may make a substantial initial investment, but considering that these models provide hot water on demand, they only consume energy when switched on. Therefore, choosing one that suits your needs and personal preference will help you save a lot of money on energy bills.

Tank or Tankless Water Heaters?

tank or tankless hot water heaterBefore installing a hot water heater, you need to consider whether you need a tank or tankless water heater. We cannot say one is better than the other because it depends on your needs—a tank water heater, some in two variants – electric or gas. The tank is often insulated to keep the water inside warm and has a thermostat to regulate temperature. On the other hand, tankless water heaters are known to be convenient and energy-efficient. They provide an unlimited supply of water based on your needs.

Before doing hot water heater installation, consider the factors mentioned above and ensure that you hire the best plumber you can trust for top-quality installation services.



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