What Are the Types of Cribbage Boards?

September 12, 2022

If you've been wondering what the different types of cribbage boards are, you've come to the right place. Here you'll find information on the wooden 29-track cribbage board, jumbo foam cribbage board, and a board with skunks.

Jumbo Foam Cribbage Board

The Jumbo Foam Cribbage Board is sturdy and durable with twelve easy-to-grip 1-3/4 inch pegs. It's 34 inches long by 15-7/8 inches wide and is made of rugged yet lightweight EVA foam. The board has a durable finish and will stand up to years of play.

This lightweight and durable cribbage board is ideal for younger children and older people with poor vision. It's also great for playing the game with the whole family and those needing a giant board. The board comes in two pieces and is easy to store.

The board is easy to assemble and disassemble. The pegs are large and easy to see. The board has a built-in peg storage area, so you can keep extra pegs handy. The lines and numbers on the board are clear and crisp. The board comes in black, blue, and gold colours.

If you prefer a more traditional board, try the Natural Wood Cribbage Board. It is made of natural hardwood with black engravings and pegs. It also comes with nine plastic pegs. There are some downsides to this board, however. The board is not foldable, so it's not the best choice for playing in your home.

The Outside Inside Cribbage Set is an excellent option if you want to play cribbage on the go. It comes with a deck of cards and pegs. It also has a compact design, making it great for travel. It also comes with a storage box.

Another option for a luxurious board is the Ajuny Traditional Wooden Cribbage Board. This board comes with built-in storage and is padded. You can store two decks of cards inside, and it has a storage compartment for pegs. The interior is padded, so your kids won't lose their pegs as quickly as with a cheaper board.


Wooden 29-Track Cribbage Board

The Wooden 29 Track Cribbage Board from Mainstreet Classics is a solid wood board with a nine-inch-tall track that follows the shape of the number 29. Unlike other cribbage boards, it doesn't use paint or screen prints. The panels are constructed with precision, and the tracks are made with the right amount of detail. The board also has nine pegs that are different colours. With a wood-carved wooden 29-channel, this game is ideal for two or more players.

The wood-constructed cribbage board has three continuous tracks and a slotted channel for peg storage. The playing pieces are secured in place by the pegs, and the highest cribbage hand is 29 points. A hand that has this score is scarce. The players typically receive a special award, glory, and photographs. They also tend to be signed by other players and have a high collector value.


This game is made to be played with up to two people and is designed to be portable. It has a convenient slotted channel on the underside. Whether you're playing with family or friends, this game is an excellent way to spend quality time together. This board is great for travelling and is perfect for exciting game nights with friends.


Foam board

A Foam cribbage board is a durable board made from EVA foam. It's one inch thick and 34 inches long and has 12 easy-to-grasp 1-3/4 inch pegs. It also features a durable plastic frame and is reusable. The board is easy to store, too, so it's great for travel.

This board is ideal for a beginner or advanced player. Its size and weight make it great for young children or those with limited vision. The board is easy to carry and assemble and features 12 easy-to-grasp pegs. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned expert, a Foam Cribbage board will provide hours of enjoyment.

When you purchase a Foam Cribbage board, you'll be happy to know that it will ship worldwide. The company offers free shipping to 164 countries. It also provides faster shipping, so you won't have to worry about customs or shipping hassles. The board will arrive safely, too.

A Foam cribbage board is also easy to store. The board has four rows of thirty holes, and the centre panel separates the players into two pairs. Each row also has four additional holes near one end. The board also comes with four pegs in two contrasting colours. Moreover, continuous track cribbage boards feature a constant row of 121 spots.


Foam board with skunks

Skunks are an addition to cribbage that adds a fun and competitive element. Skunks are the extra points you receive when you beat your opponent by more than thirty points. They are located at peg holes 90 and 91. They also play an essential role in the cribbage rule of a "flush." A flush occurs when all four cards and the turn-up are of the same suit.

In cribbage, the skunks have many uses. They serve different purposes during casual play and can also be used in tournament play. If you play for match points, you may consider buying a double or triple skunk. The extra points won will make the game more exciting and help you win more often.

The board is approximately twelve and a half inches in size. It's made of 1/2-inch Baltic Birch wood and comes with cribbage pegs. The board also comes with instructions. For a truly authentic experience, you can take the game to the next level by incorporating skunks.

The skunk cribbage board is hand-carved and features 29 hand-carved skunks in the skunk line. It also has two skunks at the double skunk line. The main board is natural, and the track and pegs are light or medium stains. The board is also provided with a velvet bag for the pegs.

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